New Arrived Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Transmitter Power Supplies KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D With Good Price In Stock

News January 11, 2023

New Arrived Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Transmitter Power Supplies KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D With Good Price In Stock

Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Transmitter Power Supplies KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D With Good Price In Stock


Transmitter Power Supply

1-channel isolated barrier, 24 V DC supply (Power Rail), Input 2-wire and 3-wire transmitters and 2-wire current sources, Output 0/4 mA ... 20 mA, 2 relay contact outputs, Adjustable energized/de-energized delay, Programmable high/low alarm, Linearization function (max 20 points), Line fault detection (LFD), Up to SIL 2 acc. to IEC 61508/IEC 61511, Housing width: 40 mm, Number of channels: 1-channel, Trip relay, Safety Integrity Level (SIL): SIL 2

Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D

Transmitter Power Supply KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D

  • 1-channel isolated barrier

  • 24 V DC supply (Power Rail)

  • Input 2-wire and 3-wire transmitters and 2-wire current sources

  • Output 0/4 mA ... 20 mA

  • 2 relay contact outputs

  • Adjustable energized/de-energized delay

  • Programmable high/low alarm

  • Linearization function (max 20 points)

  • Line fault detection (LFD)

  • Up to SIL 2 acc. to IEC 61508/IEC 61511

Datasheet excerpt: Technical data of  KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D

Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Transmitter Power Supplies KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D With Good Price In Stock

General specifications
Signal typeAnalog input
Functional safety related parameters
Safety Integrity Level (SIL)SIL 2
ConnectionPower Rail or terminals 23+, 24-
Rated voltage20 ... 30 V DC
Rated currentapprox. 130 mA
Power dissipation2 W
Power consumption2.5 W
Programming interfaceprogramming socket
Connection sidefield side
Connectionterminals 1, 2, 3
Input I

Input signal0/4 ... 20 mA

Available voltage≥ 15 V at 20 mA

Open circuit voltage/short-circuit current24 V / 33 mA

Input resistance45 Ω (terminals 2, 3)

Line fault detectionbreakage I < 0.2 mA; short-circuit I > 22 mA
Connection sidecontrol side
Connectionoutput I: terminals 10, 11, 12
output II: terminals 16, 17, 18
output III: terminals 8+, 7-
Output signal0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA
Output I, IIsignal, relay

Contact loading253 V AC / 2 A / cos φ ≥ 0.7 ; 40 V DC / 2 A

Mechanical life5 x 107 switching cycles
Output IIISignal, analog

Current range0 ... 20 mA or 4 ... 20 mA

Open loop voltagemax. 24 V DC

Loadmax. 650 Ω

Fault signaldownscale I ≤ 3.6 mA, upscale I ≥ 21 mA (acc. NAMUR NE43)
Energized/De-energized delay0 ... 250 s , adjustable
Transfer characteristics
Input I

Accuracy< 30 µA

Influence of ambient temperature0.003 %/K (30 ppm)
Output I, II

Response delay≤ 200 ms at bounce from 0 ... 20 mA
Output III

Resolution≤ 10 µA

Accuracy< 20 µA

Influence of ambient temperature0.005 %/K (50 ppm)

Reaction time< 650 ms at bounce from 0 ... 20 mA at the input, 90 % of output full-scale value

Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Transmitter Power Supplies KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D With Good Price In Stock

Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Transmitter Power Supplies KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D With Good Price In Stock

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Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex1.51P isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex1.51P
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex2.50P isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex2.50P
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex2.51P isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex2.51P
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex2.52 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex2.52
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-SCS-Ex1.55 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-SCS-Ex1.55
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-VR-Ex1.18 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD2-VR-Ex1.18
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-VR-Ex1.19 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD2-VR-Ex1.19
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-VR2-Ex1.500M isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD2-VR2-Ex1.500M
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Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex1.52 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex1.52
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex1.54 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex1.54
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex1.54-Y2 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex1.54-Y2
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex2.54 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex2.54
Pepperl fuchs KCD2-RR-Ex1-Y1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KCD2-RR-Ex1-Y1
Pepperl fuchs KCD2-RR-Ex1.SP isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KCD2-RR-Ex1.SP
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex1.53 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex1.53
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex2.53 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD0-CS-Ex2.53
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-VR-Ex1.12 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD2-VR-Ex1.12
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-VR-Ex1.19-Y109129 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD2-VR-Ex1.19-Y109129
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-FF-Ex2.RS232 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Repeaters KFD2-FF-Ex2.RS232
Pepperl fuchs KCD2-UT2-Ex1 isolated barrier, Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KCD2-UT2-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CC-Ex1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD0-CC-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-TR-Ex1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD0-TR-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-TT-Ex1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD0-TT-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-GUT-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-GUT-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-PT2-Ex1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-PT2-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-PT2-Ex1-1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-PT2-Ex1-1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-PT2-Ex1-4 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-PT2-Ex1-4
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-PT2-Ex1-5 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-PT2-Ex1-5
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-UT2-Ex1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-UT2-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-UT2-Ex1-1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-UT2-Ex1-1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-UT2-Ex2 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-UT2-Ex2
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-UT2-Ex2-1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-UT2-Ex2-1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-WAC2-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-WAC2-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFU8-GUT-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFU8-GUT-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-WAC2-Ex1.D-Y1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-WAC2-Ex1.D-Y1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-PT2-Ex1-6-Y112844 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-PT2-Ex1-6-Y112844
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-PT2-Ex1-Y98312 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Signal Converters KFD2-PT2-Ex1-Y98312
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D isolated barrier, Pepperl fuchs Trip Amplifiers KFD2-CRG2-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-GUT-Ex1.D isolated barrier, Pepperl fuchs Trip Amplifiers KFD2-GUT-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-WAC2-Ex1.D isolated barrier, Pepperl fuchs Trip Amplifiers KFD2-WAC2-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFU8-CRG2-Ex1.D isolated barrier, Pepperl fuchs Trip Amplifiers KFU8-CRG2-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFU8-GUT-Ex1.D isolated barrier, Pepperl fuchs Trip Amplifiers KFU8-GUT-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-WAC2-Ex1.D-Y1 isolated barrier, Pepperl fuchs Trip Amplifiers KFD2-WAC2-Ex1.D-Y1
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex1.50P isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD0-CS-Ex1.50P
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex1.51P isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD0-CS-Ex1.51P
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex2.50P isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD0-CS-Ex2.50P
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex2.51P isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD0-CS-Ex2.51P
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-SCS-Ex1.55 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD0-SCS-Ex1.55
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32
Pepperl fuchs KCD2-SCD-Ex1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KCD2-SCD-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD2-Ex1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD2-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD2-Ex2 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD2-Ex2
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SCD-Ex1.LK isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-SCD-Ex1.LK
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SCD2-Ex1.LK isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-SCD2-Ex1.LK
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SCD2-Ex2.LK isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-SCD2-Ex2.LK
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-13 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-13
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-15 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-15
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-3 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-3
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-8 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-8
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex1.53 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD0-CS-Ex1.53
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-CS-Ex2.53 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD0-CS-Ex2.53
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-10 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-10
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-12 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-12
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-2 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-2
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-21 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-21
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-5 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-5
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-6 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-6
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-9 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-9
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SCD2-Ex1-Y1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-SCD2-Ex1-Y1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SCD2-Ex2-Y1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-SCD2-Ex2-Y1
Pepperl fuchs KCD2-SCD-Ex1.SP isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KCD2-SCD-Ex1.SP
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-** isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-**
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-** isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-**
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-** isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Current Drivers KFD2-CD-Ex1.32-**

KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB
KCD2-SR-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SR-Ex2
KFA6-DU-Ex1.D, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA6-DU-Ex1.D
KFA6-ER-Ex1.W.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA6-ER-Ex1.W.LB
KFA6-SOT2-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA6-SOT2-Ex2
KFA6-SR2-Ex1.W, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA6-SR2-Ex1.W
KFA6-SR2-Ex1.W.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA6-SR2-Ex1.W.LB
KFA6-SR2-Ex2.W, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA6-SR2-Ex2.W
KFA6-SR2-Ex2.W.IR, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA6-SR2-Ex2.W.IR
KFD2-DU-Ex1.D, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-DU-Ex1.D
KFD2-ELD-Ex16, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-ELD-Ex16
KFD2-ER-Ex1.W.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-ER-Ex1.W.LB
KFD2-SH-Ex1, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SH-Ex1
KFD2-SOT3-Ex1.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT3-Ex1.LB
KFD2-SOT3-Ex1.LB.IO, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT3-Ex1.LB.IO
KFD2-SOT3-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT3-Ex2
KFD2-SOT3-Ex2.IO, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT3-Ex2.IO
KFD2-SR2-Ex1.W, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SR2-Ex1.W
KFD2-SR2-Ex1.W.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SR2-Ex1.W.LB
KFD2-SR2-Ex2.W, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SR2-Ex2.W
KFD2-SR3-Ex2.2S, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SR3-Ex2.2S
KFD2-SRA-Ex4, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SRA-Ex4
KFD2-ST3-Ex1.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-ST3-Ex1.LB
KFD2-ST3-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-ST3-Ex2
KHA6-SH-Ex1, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KHA6-SH-Ex1
KCD2-SON-Ex1, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex1
KCD2-SON-Ex1.R2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex1.R2
KCD2-SON-Ex1.R3, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex1.R3
KCD2-SON-Ex2.R2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex2.R2
KCD2-SON-Ex2.R3, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex2.R3
KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB
KCD2-SOT-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SOT-Ex2
KCD2-SOT-Ex2.SP, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SOT-Ex2.SP
KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SR-Ex1.LB.SP
KCD2-SR-Ex2.SP, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SR-Ex2.SP
KCD2-ST-Ex1.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-ST-Ex1.LB
KCD2-ST-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-ST-Ex2
KFA5-SOT2-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA5-SOT2-Ex2
KFA5-SR2-Ex1.W, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA5-SR2-Ex1.W
KFA5-SR2-Ex1.W.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA5-SR2-Ex1.W.LB
KFA5-SR2-Ex2.W, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA5-SR2-Ex2.W
KFA5-SR2-Ex2.W.IR, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA5-SR2-Ex2.W.IR
KFD2-SOT3-Ex2.IO-Y1, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT3-Ex2.IO-Y1
KCD2-SON-Ex1.R1, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex1.R1
KCD2-SON-Ex1.SP, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex1.SP
KCD2-SON-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex2
KCD2-SON-Ex2.R1, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex2.R1
KCD2-SON-Ex2.SP, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SON-Ex2.SP
KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB.SP, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-SOT-Ex1.LB.SP
KCD2-ST-Ex1.LB.SP, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-ST-Ex1.LB.SP
KCD2-ST-Ex2.SP, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KCD2-ST-Ex2.SP
KFA4-SR2-Ex2.W, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA4-SR2-Ex2.W
KFA5-DU-Ex1.D, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA5-DU-Ex1.D
KFA4-SR2-Ex1.W, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA4-SR2-Ex1.W
KFA4-SR2-Ex1.W.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFA4-SR2-Ex1.W.LB
KFD2-SOT2-Ex1.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT2-Ex1.LB
KFD2-SOT2-Ex1.LB.IO, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT2-Ex1.LB.IO
KFD2-SOT2-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT2-Ex2
KFD2-SOT2-Ex2.IO, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT2-Ex2.IO
KFD2-SOT2-Ex2.IO-Y181008, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SOT2-Ex2.IO-Y181008
KFD2-SR2-Ex2.2S, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SR2-Ex2.2S
KFD2-ST2-Ex1.LB, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-ST2-Ex1.LB
KFD2-ST2-Ex2, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-ST2-Ex2
KFD2-SH-Ex1.T, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SH-Ex1.T
KFD2-SH-Ex1.T.OP, Pepperl fuchs Intrinsic Safety Barriers KFD2-SH-Ex1.T.OP
Pepperl fuchs KFA6-DWB-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFA6-DWB-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-DWB-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-DWB-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SR2-Ex2.W.SM isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SR2-Ex2.W.SM
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-UFC-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-UFC-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-UFT-Ex2.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-UFT-Ex2.D
Pepperl fuchs KFU8-UFC-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFU8-UFC-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFU8-UFT-Ex2.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFU8-UFT-Ex2.D
Pepperl fuchs KFA5-DWB-Ex1.D isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFA5-DWB-Ex1.D
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-SD2-Ex1.10100 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD0-SD2-Ex1.10100
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-SD2-Ex1.1180 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD0-SD2-Ex1.1180
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-SD2-Ex2.1045 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD0-SD2-Ex2.1045
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-SD2-Ex2.1245 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD0-SD2-Ex2.1245
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-RCI-Ex1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-RCI-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SL2-Ex2 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SL2-Ex2
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SL2-Ex2.B isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SL2-Ex2.B
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-VM-Ex1.35.L isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-VM-Ex1.35.L
Pepperl fuchs KCD0-SD3-Ex1.1045 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KCD0-SD3-Ex1.1045
Pepperl fuchs KCD0-SD3-Ex1.1245 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KCD0-SD3-Ex1.1245
Pepperl fuchs KCD0-SD3-Ex1.1245.SP isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KCD0-SD3-Ex1.1245.SP
Pepperl fuchs KCD2-SLD-Ex1.1045 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KCD2-SLD-Ex1.1045
Pepperl fuchs KCD2-SLD-Ex1.1065 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KCD2-SLD-Ex1.1065
Pepperl fuchs KCD2-SLD-Ex1.1245 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KCD2-SLD-Ex1.1245
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SLD-Ex1.13100 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SLD-Ex1.13100
Pepperl fuchs KCD0-SD-Ex1.1245 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KCD0-SD-Ex1.1245
Pepperl fuchs KCD0-SD-Ex1.1245.SP isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KCD0-SD-Ex1.1245.SP
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-SD2-Ex1.1045 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD0-SD2-Ex1.1045
Pepperl fuchs KFD0-SD2-Ex1.1065 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD0-SD2-Ex1.1065
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SL2-Ex1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SL2-Ex1
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SL2-Ex1.B isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SL2-Ex1.B
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SL2-Ex1.LK isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SL2-Ex1.LK
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SL2-Ex1.LK.1045 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SL2-Ex1.LK.1045
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SL2-Ex1.LK.1270 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SL2-Ex1.LK.1270
Pepperl fuchs KFD2-SL2-Ex1.LK-Y1 isolated barrier,Pepperl fuchs Frequency Converters KFD2-SL2-Ex1.LK-Y1


HONGKONG XIEYUAN TECH CO.,LTD, established in 7th Nov.,2012, a comprehensive corporation with its independent rights of export and import.. We are committed to providing customers with convenient and efficient industrial supplies services. From the product, price, logistics, service process for customers to improve procurement efficiency, reduce procurement costs, and grow together with customers.


Xieyuan sales of major brands are: Yokogawa, Siemens, ABB, Schneider, Emerson, Rosemount, Honeywell, Pepper+Fuchs, MTL, Fluke, Fisher, Endress+Hauser, Phoenix Contact, Weidmüller, Triconex, KROHNE, Dräger, Allen-Bradley, Omron, Eaton, SMC, Eaton, RAE, Testo, MSA, FESTO, Vega, Yaskawa, Danfoss, GE, Fisher, Hirschmann, IFM, Turck, MOXA, Foxboro etc.

Our wide range of products include Field Instruments, Field Communicator, Gas Detectors, Process Analyzers, Pressure Transmitters, Temperature Transmitters, Flow Meters, Inverters, Multimeters, Safety Barriers, Positioners, Controllers, Valves, Circuit Breakers, Sensors, DCS, PLC etc.

We endeavor to provide our customer with high quality, 100% original brand new products at competitive prices. Our targeting market includes Oil and Gas Industry, Refinery, Chemical, Mineral, Power and Energy, Ocean Engneering, Electricity, Food, Environment Protection and many other fields. 

We operate in more than 50 countries around the world. There are: Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, South Korea, Kazakhstan, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar,Germany, Italy, Austria, UK, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, USA, Chile, Brazil, Mexico etc.



All products will send out within 72 hours, Please feel free to contact us! Thanks 

Windy Wang 
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